Welcome to the Image Gallery:

This area of the site is devoted to celebrating the beauty and fascination of the Builth Inlier.

Initially, it is likely that most of the images will be by ourselves, but we hope to feature an increasing number of photographs sent in by users of the page as well. The images (whether photographs, drawings or artistic reconstructions) can be of fossils themselves, of interesting rocks, localities, or even the scenery.

Each image should have a caption, including information about the subject, the photographer, and if appropriate, the collector of the specimen. With specimen photographs, the scale and locality should also be included. If you need help identifying or describing a specimen, we’re always willing to help.

If you have a proper camera, and can't convert to digital, contact us via the forum.

All images are copyright, to various parties. If you would like more information about an image please contact us. We do not object to personal use the images (for example in a student essay or in talks, with the source acknowledged), but please let us know that you are doing so. For any other use, contact us first.

Photo Gallery